A Love So Beautiful (致我们单纯的小美好) – Side Story 2

A Side Story That Belongs Nowhere

It was roughly the first New Year’s Day after that matter, don’t ask me after which matter, wait for publication.

In short, the hospital that Doctor Jiang was at was carrying on a tradition it had all along, which was to attempt to use a ‘’New Year’s Celebration Evening Party” with absolutely no novelty to its name to get these white-robed angels who helped the dying and healed the injured to relax, and it even attempted to use a rule like, “You are welcome to bring along your family members,” to make known its humaneness. In any case, Chen Xiaoxi the family member, ever since asking about and hearing from Doctor Su about this matter, was continually wishing and waiting for Jiang Chen to invite her to attend (the event) together in her heart.

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A Love So Beautiful (致我们单纯的小美好) – Side Story 1.10

Their Youth Part 10

It was the summer after the gaokao. Chen Xiaoxi who was already certain that she would be going to the same university as Jiang Chen was practically brimming with joy and happiness every passing day. If one were to use Mrs. Chen’s mouth to describe it, she was smiling everyday like a female brothel keeper who successfully recruited a good woman into joining her brothel.

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A Love So Beautiful (致我们单纯的小美好) – Side Story 1.9

Their Youth Part 9

At Beijing Time 17:45, Chen Xiaoxi, arm in arm with Jiang Chen, loitered in the supermarket at the school entrance. Twice Jiang Chen suggested that the weather was hot, let’s not link arms, both times he was ignored.

At that time when the hour hand and the minute hand formed a straight line on the clock surface, plus formed a 180 degree angle, other than being able to sigh that the author is a great person who is extremely sensitive to time and angles, we can also predict, something was about to happen.

Yes, something was about to happen.

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A Love So Beautiful (致我们单纯的小美好) – Side Story 1.8

Their Youth Part 8

It was the winter break of university Year 1, Chen Xiaoxi was back home for about half a month now, and she’s missing Jiang Chen like mad. Ever since university started, most of his term breaks were spent in school. There were always things for him to be busy on. On the other hand, the moment term break hit, Chen Xiaoxi sped back home. Her mum said that she prepared good food for her at home. Although she could only enjoy her “like-a-king” life for at most, the first two days of her return, she still finds joy.

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A Love So Beautiful (致我们单纯的小美好) – Side Story 1.7

Their Youth Part 7

Jiang Chen was unusually irritable today. His dream last night was so messed up, having always dreamed of the same messed up person. This very same messed up person moreover, was currently leaning against the lamppost, holding a transparent, disposable cup, smiling brightly while sucking the soy milk with a straw.

“Morning.” Chen Xiaoxi was nipping on the straw while greeting him, “You’re a little late than usual, overslept?”

Jiang Chen shot her a glance, then continued walking forward with a wooden expression on his face.

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